Science for health

Advancing Gene Therapy

21 November 2022
SQUARE Brussels and online

This year, Science for health will plot the course for the Belgian life sciences ecosystem towards a bright future in gene therapy, based on expert insights into the field’s unique challenges and inspiring stories of success.

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About Science for health

At this yearly event, experts are connected around a central theme to promote out-of-the-box thinking and spark new research collaborations. This strengthens the local ecosystem and creates inspired solutions improving the life of patients.

Meet academics, industry leaders and policymakers — Get inspired and join forces!

Science for health is a joint organization from the following partners:

2021 edition / Data Science and Personalized Medicine

Uniting Stakeholders

Science for health 2021 facilitated cross-ecosystem networking between academics, industry leaders, and policymakers. By forming connections across the ecosystem, the event has helped to enable collaborations for Data Science in Belgium and beyond.

Promoting progress

The event provided actionable insights to attendees, while acknowledging different
stakeholder needs. Through good media coverage and by fostering cooperation, this edition is accelerating progress in the vital topic of Data Science in health.

Inspiring program

Local and international speakers presented engaging talks, featuring examples of big data successfully being used to improve healthcare, as well as earnest discussions about the steps needed to enable real-world data research in the future.

2019 edition / Focus on cell therapy

On 11 September 2019, 15 (inter)national top speakers joined us in Brussels and presented on all aspects of cell therapy, from fundamental research breakthroughs to the clinical and regulatory challenges of bringing these innovations to the patient. Dr Carl June, the father of CAR T immunotherapy, opened the conference.

19 cell therapy companies and research institutes presented their work at a (free) booth, resulting in high-quality interaction with the ecosystem.

Reaching a balanced audience of 327 participants, the event was sold out over 1 month in advance

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